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  • Alina Baldini

Le parole sono importanti

"Words create worlds" in English becomes almost a tongue twister "Words create worlds". What uniquely distinguishes a human being from an animal? In a truly unique way only verbal language. All animals have their own way of expressing themselves, more or less sophisticated and articulated, but only human beings have developed an exceptional level of articulation to the sophistication of language. Through words, we tell ourselves and by telling ourselves we give meaning we try to make sense of our history, of what happens to us, to who we are. For this reason, keeping a diary, and writing about oneself or others, also has therapeutic value. "Words are important. Those who speak badly think badly!" With this quote from "Palombella Rossa" by Nanni Moretti and the related video, I close, for now, this first mention of the importance of how we tell about ourselves and what surrounds us.

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