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Psychology  and Coaching
Psychology and Coaching

Welcome! StudioPersona is a virtual and real space, based on the use of the word as a cure. Our emotions and  our behaviors can be transmitted and told and this story becomes a tool for  treatment.

Welcome! StudioPersona is a virtual and face to face space grounded on the use of language as a way of healing. Our emotions and behaviors can be communicated and told and this "telling" becomes a way to heal.

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Who I am
Who I am

Psychologist  And  Coach
Psychologist and Coach

After graduating in Psychology I continued with the certification as a Coach with  ICF (International Coaching Federation). I continued with my studies to become a psychotherapist. The areas I deal with are the psychology of relationships, personal and professional coaching, the themes of  compassion and del  emotional well-being. From  about three decades  I also deal with the development of people in organizations, professional and personal growth in the company and the development of collaboration  in teams. When I'm not in my studio, virtual or in person, you will find me in the bookstore leafing through travel guides, art books and graphic novels or among the vases on the balcony trying to make something pop out of the earth, with mixed success.

I am fluent in English and I am  available for sessions in English as well as in Italian.

Per prenotare un incontro fai clic su "Prenota un incontro" per scegliere la data e l'orario e prenotare.

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